Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Raspberry Patch

A good friend of mine let us know about a neat place just about 5 miles away from our home: The Raspberry Patch! We went there Saturday morning and picked some perfect berries. If it wasn't starting to get so hot, and James wasn't inevitably going to get in trouble for just picking and eating whatever he found, we probably would have been there all day!

Also, here is a little 30 second clip of James at the patch:

As soon as he got out of his stroller, he knew exactly what to do:

Garrick: "Aahhh! I look just like my dad!"

The big spider Garrick found. No worries, it is called a "St. Andrew's Cross" spider because of the X-shape it makes while sitting in the middle of its web.  It is not dangerous, but we made sure James stayed away, because who knows... he might have just picked that and ate it too. 

James is trying desperately to reach for the jug full of berries. He would eat them all if we let him....

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